Our best publicity has always been our satisfied patients, because when a patient receives what they expect and a little more they tend to recommend us. The testimonial of a friend or family member will always inspire us trust and confidence, for this reason we strive to build a lasting relationship with our patien

Patient Testimonials


I would recommend Dr. Abraham Chavez to anyone! He is very trustworthy and explains everything he does thoroughly...

Maria Dawass, Tucson


I am so satisfied with Dr. Chavez services, he and his staff are very professional. I’ve just scheduled my 4th appointment!.

Laura Read, Tucson

Perfect English, honest, caring, concerned to do the best job. Dr. Chavez is a very nice funny guy and his wife who works at the front desk is ready to help in any way.

Great! Recommend.

Scott, EE.UU

This dentist is very knowledgeable about the latest techniques and procedures. I intend to return to have more work done. This was an excellent value not only for the work that was done but for the knowledge of how to get the best work done for the best price. Friendly, very helpful In discussing the future possible paths I might take which direction I could take my dental care.

Terry, Mexico

The “BEST”... the best dental experience In my life... I’m 75 and counting. If anyone in Santa Cruz or Pima County Arizona (or Nogales, MX) is in need of a first rate dentist, I highly recommend Dr Abraham Chavez, DDS. I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to Dr Chavez care for their dental needs. I’ve never had a dentist ask my opinion, listen to my questions and concerns and respond in fluent english and in terms I was able to understand. The friendly, courteous hygienists and office staff are also outstanding.

Tom Hockemeier, EE.UU