Preventive Dentistry

By practicing a healthy routine of brushing, flossing, and regular visits to The Tooth Inc you can avoid oral complications such as cavities, gum disease, and enamel wear just to name a few. As preventive care The Thooth Inc can offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to 


▪Dental Exams

▪Dental Cleanings 

▪Digital Dental X-Rays 

▪Dental Sealants 

Restorative Dentistry 

It's not always possible to avoid tooth decay, but when untreated it can be the result of a greater problem followed by pain. We take pride on helping our patients restore their smiles and find relieve from discomfort. At The Tooth Inc we provide you with several solutions to restore your oral health which include 


▪Dental Fillings 

▪Root Canals 


▪Dental Protheses 

Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile makeover can help boost confidence and self esteem. Smile enhancement treatments are available at The Tooth Inc to improve the appearance of your pearly whites. If you are interested in upgrading your smile consider some of these options 



▪Teeth Whitening 

▪Dental Implants